Waters are rising. In our seas and our minds. A threat of losing values and loved ones. And an opportunity to rethink our cities and relationship to nature.

On this blog we invite you to participate on this journey towards a new city- and wetscape asking one question:

How can we embrace the rising sea and create better lives in an urbanized world?


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THeme#1 Barriers and Beauty

Impenetrable barriers and indescribable beauty. Protection against water and access to water. How can they be two sides of the same coin rather than contradictions? Read more...

Theme#2 Moneyflows

Climate adaptation requires substantial investments. How can we mobilize and combine private and public resources? And who is to pay when the benefits are hard to measure and shared among many stakeholders? Read more...

Theme#3 Breaking boundaries

The hardest part is not to control the flow of water, but the flow of decisions. Who will take leadership and legal ownership to the problem? How can we cross organizational boundaries that reflects the cross-cutting nature of rising waters? (Coming soon)

Theme#4 Getting started

Rising water calls for action. But where to start in a “ocean” of potential solutions and partnerships? What is the opening move that sparks instant involvement and at the same time set us on the right path in the long run? (Coming Soon)

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Cover photo: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, CC