Waters are rising. In our seas and our minds. A threat of loosing values and loved ones. And an opportuninity to rethink our cities and relationship to nature.

On this blog we invite you to participate on this journey towards a new land- and wetscape asking one question: How can we embrace the rising sea and create better lives in an urbanized world?

The debate, insights and inspiration might be technical, might be on the human side. It might be fun or serious. Might be factual or poetic. Everything but business as usual.

For the next year we will rise critical questions to how to make the transition succesfull. This is done in conjunction with the KYST+ network. KYST+ is a network for Danish municipalities facing flooding in dense urban areas caused by sea level rise. Through four thematic workshops over a one-year period the network will investigate how to create new and specialized solutions that both protects our cities and provides new opportunities for urban development and for engaging with the surrounding environment.